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Convert the following numbers to the SI system and use two significant figures. In addition, write them in scientific notation when necessary.

a) 1.854 lb 

b) 0.0047838265 cm 

c) 8807 mi 

d) 5080 oz 

e) 26711 mi/h   

f) 0.00378 lb/in2 


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Step 1

Hey, since there are subpart questions posted, we will answer first four subparts. If you want any specific subpart to be answered then please submit that question only or specify the question number in your message.

Step 2


SI unit of mass is kg. Hence, unit can be converted with two significant figures as follows,


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1 lb 0.4536 kg 1.854 lb 1.854 Ib x 0.4536 kg 1 lb =0.84097 kg 0.84 kg = 84x10 kg Therefore 1.854 lb 84x102 kg

Step 3


SI unit of length is m. Hence, unit can be convert...


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1 cm 0.01 m 0.01 m 0.0047838265 cm = 0.0047838265 cm x- 1 cm X 4.7838x 10 m 4.8x 105 m Therefore, 0.0047838265 cm = 4.8x105 m


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