Cos 75°29' cos 14°31' - sin 75°29' sin 14°31' 

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Q: if sinx=1/8 and x is in quadrent 1, then cos(180-x)=???

A: Simplify cos(180-x),

Q: photo attached

A: Find the following scalar multiplication of a vector:

Q: Photo attached

A:  First of all, redraw the figure and put the given values.AB = x BC = CD = 14AD = 100∠A = 31°Arc BD ...

Q: Verify that 2tan (x/2)= (sin2x+1-cos2)/(sin x(1+cos x)

A: Consider the given condition that,2tan (x/2) = (sin2x+1–cos2x)/(sin x(1+cos x)) … (1)Consider the le...

Q: Please answer the question in the attached image about 3D trigonometry

A: G is on the YZ plane Coordinate of G is (0,5,6)

Q: Consider a triangle ABC like the one below. Suppose that c = 23, a= 26, and C= 34°. (The figure is n...

A: Given:c = 23, a = 26 and C = 34°To find:

Q: Derive the identity 1 + cot^2 θ = csc^2 θ by dividing x^2 + y^2 = r^2 by y^2

A: Given:

Q: 7. tan x + sec 3 =

A: Given: 

Q: Rewrite the product using a sum or difference of two functions. Leave your answer in terms of sine a...

A: Recall the following fact.

Q: Given b=2, a=3, and B=40(degrees), determine whether this information results in one triangle, two t...

A: Click to see the answer

Q: 2x2+7x+3/x2-9 divided by 2x3+x/x3-27

A: Given information can be well written mathematically as.

Q: Can you show me step by step how to find this please?

A: According to the area of a triangle using SAS, the area of a triangle with two sides and the include...

Q: Convert the following values and write answers in scientific notation, where appropriate. 5567 in to...

A: It is known that,

Q: Hw 10

A: Consider the given complex number:

Q: Airports A and B are 461km​ apart, on an​ east-west line. Jim flies in a northeast direction from A ...

A: To determine the distance of airport C from the airport A.

Q: I don't understanf how this is wrong on my homework.

A: Given,

Q: what is the rest of the derivation?

A: Given:

Q: Use an appropriate Phthagorean identity to find the indicated value. Given csc t= -41/40 for 3π/2 &l...

A: Given:csc t = -41/40 for 3π/2 < t < 2π

Q: Photo attached, already asked this question once and was given incorrect answer. Answer is not (4sqr...

A: To express given point into polar co-ordinates as shown below

Q: photo attached

A: Given:

Q: The circle in the figure below has a radius of r and center at C. The distance from A to B is x, the...

A: Given

Q: photo attached

A: Given,

Q: Photo attached

A: Given:

Q: photo is attached

A: Given informationVector V = (-3, 5)

Q: if the measure of an angle is x degrees, what is its complement?

A: Given,Angle = x degree

Q: how many solutions does (cot(x)-4)(sin(x)-2)(3sin(x)-2)(sin(x))=0 have in the interval [0,2pi]

A: Given trigonometric equation is,

Q: Find all exact solutions on  [0, 2π).  (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.) tan3(x) = ta...

A: We need to find all exact solutions on [0, 2π) of tan3(x) = tan(x).Let u = tan(x).

Q: 2x, given tan x= 2 and cos x is less than 0

A: Given tan x = 2 and cos x < 0.

Q: The initial and terminal points of a vector are given. Write the vector as a linear combination of t...

A: The initial and terminal points of a vectors are,

Q: In the following examples, some mistakes have occurred. Identify the mistakes and make corrections.

A: According to the given question it is required to correct the mistake for the given solution to a pr...

Q: photo attached

A: Given point can be written in vector form as,

Q: Can you break this down and solve it for me please? I drew it but I always seem to get my drawings w...

A: Given:From the top of a 175 ft building, a man observes a car moving toward him. If the angle of dep...

Q: Review Final - Word PICTURE TOOLS b My Questions | bartleby REFERENCES Jordan Hansen PAGE LAYOUT MAI...

A: Given are the sides and angle of the triangle as follows:

Q: How do you solve this and can you show me step by step?

A: Find the value of sin x and cot x.

Q: photo attached

A: Given vectors are

Q: Evaluate the integral: sec x(sec x + tan x) dx

A: To find the below integral.

Q: The Fibonacci sequence has many unusual properties. Experiment to decide which of the following prop...

A: Since we only answer up to 3 sub-parts, we’ll answer the first 3. Please resubmit the question and s...

Q: How do you solve these questions and can you show me step by step how you got it?

A: Note:We’ll answer the 6th question since we answer only one question at a time. Please submit a new ...

Q: Photo attached

A: Given:

Q: Photo attached

A: We need law of cosine formula to find b. b=27.4

Q: Determine 2 coterminal angles (1 positive and one negative), give the answer in radians.   -9pi/4

A: It is required to calculate the two co terminals angles of the given angle: