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Q: Convert the Cartesian coordinate (6,-5) to polar coordinates, 0≤θ<2π. r = (enter exact value) the...

A: Let (x, y) is a Cartesian coordinate.The relation between Cartesian coordinates and polar coordinate...

Q: Write the sum or difference as a product with positive arguments

A: Given information:The given expression is

Q: sec (e)2tan(e) 1+3tan (e)

A: Given expression is: According to trigonometric identities,Plugging the value in the given expressio...

Q: Two planes take off at the same time from an airport. The first plane is flying at 260 miles per hou...

A: The diagram is on the board .First we find the distance after 2 hours .Then we use pythagorean formu...

Q: For the fallowing angle find the radian with the given degree of -200°

A: Here it is required to convert degree to radian, which be done by using the following conversion:

Q: Solve the following equation on the interval [0,2x) cot(3x) 0

A: It is known that, cosx is zero when x is of the form  π/2+(2πn) or 3π/2+(2πn).

Q: Solve the following equation on the interval [0,2m) tan(3x) 1

A: The equation is given by,

Q: Find csc B when a=3 and b=7. Suppose ABC is a right triangle with side lenghts a, b and c and right ...

A: given information

Q: solve equation sin2theta = -cos2theta

A: Calculation:The given trigonometric equation is sin2(θ) = – cos(2θ).Solve the above equation as foll...