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Cu and Ni form a substitutional solid
solution. This means that the crystal structure
of a Cu-Ni alloy consists of Ni atoms
substituting for Cu atoms in the regular
atomic positions of the FCC structure. For
a Cu-30% wt.% Ni alloy, what fraction of
the atomic sites does Ni occupy?


Expert Answer

Step 1

Number of atoms of a component (ni) in the given alloy is calculated as shown below.


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mx NA (1) (A.M) Where, m, mass of componenti NA Avogadro's number (A.Matoicmass of the componenti

Step 2

Fraction of the atomic sites (x) occupied by the component i in the alloy can be calculated as given below.


Image Transcriptionclose

.2) Ση х Where, n, number of atoms of componenti sum of allthe atoms of all components present in alloy Σ.

Step 3

The term “ a Cu-30% wt.% Ni alloy” means 100 g of a “Cu-30% wt.% Ni alloy” contains 70 g of copper and 30 g of nickel....


Image Transcriptionclose

m, x NA (A.M) 70g x NA 63.54g /mol


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