Asked Feb 27, 2019
Currecny  Dollars per Foregn  Foreign per Dollar
British Pound 1.678 0.5958
Canadian Dollar 0.7483 1.336
European Euro 1.169 0.8554
Japenese Yen 0.008482 117.9
Mexican Peso



You wish to exchange 200 British pounds for Japenese yen. How many yen do you receive? 


Expert Answer

Step 1

Currency Swap: A currency or money swap is a treaty in which two groups or parties interchange the principal and interest amount of a loan, where the parties pay in one nation’s currency for the interest and principal in another nation’s currency.

Step 2

Calculation of Value of British Pound:

The value of British pound is nothing but the total value of 200 British pounds.

Step 3

Now calculate the amount received in Yen,


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