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Define binomial distribution with an example.


Define binomial distribution with an example.

Step 1

Binomial distribution is one of the important study in probability distributions. In binomial distribution, the problems are solved based on two possible outcomes success/failure, true/false, and yes/no. the binomial probability distribution is discrete.

Step 2

The binomial distribution gives the probability of number of successes out of n trials in a series of Bernoulli trials.

The probability mass function (pmf) of a binomial random variable X is given as:

P(x) q x= 0,1...7;0 <p<1;q=1-p|

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P(x) q x= 0,1...7;0 <p<1;q=1-p| otherwise 0.

Step 3

To use the binomial distribution, the following conditions should be satisfied.

  • Each trial has exactly two possible outcomes.
  • There are n number of trials, in which p is the probability of success and q (= 1&nbs...

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