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Define graphics processing unit.


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GPU is a graphical processing unit. When a computer has a CPU(central processing unit) that continuously processes data then it is difficult for CPU to handle image processing along with it. So, in computers, smartphones, embedded devices, etc. there is a separate circuit that only handles image processing. It generates the frame that must be given to output devices.

GPU basically handles the creation of images in frame buffers intended for output to display devices.

They are highly used in-game console, workstations, personal computers, etc.
They are used where there is a need for faster image processing.

GPU has a massively parallel architecture consisting of thousands of small or more efficient cores design for handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

GPU has thousands of cores to process parallel workload efficiently. They handle computer graphics and image processing using various parallel structures, which makes the creation of images and image handling faster.

In a personal computer, GPU i...

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