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Describe an application where smart cards provide sufficient security but magnetic stripe cards do not

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Smart Card

A smart card, ICC (integrated circuit card) is a plastic card. A smart card may have a magnetic stripe and looks like any credit card, but it also contains a small embedded microchip that contains a micro-computer that have ability to process and store data.

Applications incorporate recognizable proof, budgetary, cell phones (SIM), open travel, PC security, schools, and social insurance.

The utilization of secure smart chip innovation, encryption and other cryptography estimates makes it amazingly hard for unapproved clients to access or utilize data on a shrewd card or to make copy cards. These abilities help to shield patients from wholesale fraud, shield medicinal services establishments from therapeutic extortion, and help social insurance suppliers meet protection and security prerequisites.

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Magnetic Stripe Card

A magnetic stripe card is a type of card that contains data embedded in a strip that contains iron particles in plastic film. magnetic stripe cards are simply swipe cards, the ones we're all acquainted with. The actual stripe is on the posterior of the card, and it uses adjusted iron-based attractive particles to impart information between the strip and the accepting charge card terminal. magnetic stripe cards basically fill in as static stockpiling gadgets to be perused by the terminal. The terminal at that point plays out a card swipe, PIN encryption, and mark catch work.

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Smart Card vs Magnetic Strip Card

  • Smart card is designed to prevent fraud.
  • Smart Card is hard to clone. magnetic stripe cards are, well, charged. When you swipe them, the installment processor peruses their attractive fields and matches them to your ledger data. The issue with this is the information is static, making it simpler for fraudsters to lift your data and clone it onto another card.
  • magnetic stripe cards communicate bank data into the installment terminal as it stands. Square Reader and Stand guard this data by scrambling it when it's gotten. Chip cards are distinctive in that they have complex encryption incorporated ideal with the chip. When you plunge a chip card (it's a plunge rather than a swipe), it argues and forward with the installment terminal in a mystery language to ensure it's really you who's paying.
  • A magnetic stripe exc...

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