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 Describe fission. Include the concepts of chain reaction and critical mass in your description. How and by whom was fission discovered? Explain how fission can be used to generate electricity. 


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Step 1

Fission is to be described including the concepts of chain reaction and critical mass.

How and by whom was fission discovered?

How fission can be used to generate electricity is to be explained. 

Step 2

Nuclear fission can be described as the decomposition of a large nucleus (unstable) into smaller stable nuclei. But fission does not occur naturally but is initiated by bombarding an unstable nucleus with neutrons.

Material that can undergo a nuclear fission chain reaction is called fissile. And critical mass is the smallest amount of fissile required to carry a chain reaction

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Step 3

After the nuclear fission, large amount of energy and neutrons are released and these neutrons can then bombard the other fissile nuclei whic...

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