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Describe in your own words the YRBBS to someone who does not know the system. Specifically, explain: 

What is it? Who owns it? Who can usethe system? Where does the data in it come from? From whom is the data collected? 



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What is YRBBS?

YRBBS stands for Youth Risk Behaviour Surveillance System which was instituted in 1990 to study various health-risk behaviour among youth and adults.  It was designed to study the prevalence, trend and co-occurrence of health behavior over time. Under this system, Youth Risk Behaviour Survey (YRBS) is conducted at national, state, territorial and local level among the subpopulations of youth to monitor mainly six types of health behaviors- Behavior that contributes to injuries and violence, Sexual Behaviour related to unintended pregnancy and STDs, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Tabacco use, Unhealthy dietary habits and Inadequate physical activity.


Step 2

Who owns it?

YRBBS is an initiative by Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) which is a major component of  Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) or Health Department. Apart from National Survey, CDC also conducts additional surveys and method studies to study risk behaviour among people.

Step 3

Who can use the system?

This system can be used by anybody whose goal is to protect and improve adolescent health.  Following are examples of who can benefit by the data that is collected by various surveys:

It can be used by policymakers who plan health-related policies and programs. It can be used to monitor health behavior of young people and customize development and health based on survey reports

It can be used by school administrators to monitor development of adolescents. It would also help them decide what to include in the curriculum to enhance ...

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