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Describe the endomembrane system and its organelles 


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Cell is a membrane bound unit that is present in all living beings and constitutes the basic unit of life. It contains differen...

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Cell Biology

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Q: 4. Name several ways microbes can attach to host tissues/cells.

A: Microbes can attach to host tissue via mainly two types of routes:Adherence to mucosal surface withi...


Q: rRNA sequence analysis: c. Other than RNA sequence, what other sequence can be determined by this me...

A: RNA sequence analysis is used to find the sequence of nucleotide base pairs on the RNA strand.


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A: The major benefit of the Gram staining technique is the identification of the type of bacteria, Gram...


Q: relate dalton's law and henry's law to external respiration and internal respiration.

A: Respiratory system is the process of gaseous exchange. Which includes external respiration and inter...


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A: The evolution of sex can be divided into two major events, the origin and the maintenance of sex.


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A: There are five kinds of antibodies contributing to the immune system of humans.  These are Ig(immuno...


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A: In humans, the Rag-1 is a protein which is encoded by the Rag-1 gene. The Rag-1 gene gives instructi...


Q: what is SIBO

A: Bacteria are usually found throughout the gastrointestinal tract, including the small intestine. The...


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A: Griffith's experiment was an experiment done in 1928 by Fredrich Griffith. It was one of the first e...