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Describe the inheritance of the ABO blood group


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The ABO blood group system is determined by the ABO gene present on chromosome 9. There are four blood groups namely A, B, AB and O. They arise from inheriting one or more of the alternative forms of this gene.

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There are three types of alleles associated with the ABO blood type namely i, IA and IB.  The term I stands for isoagglutinogen, another term for antigen.The IA allele gives type A, IB gives type B, and i gives type O.As both IA and IB are dominant over i, only ii people have type O blood. Individuals with IAIA or IAi have type A blood, and individuals with IBIB or IBi have t...


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Genetic combinations of ABO blood groups: Blood group Genotype IAIA/IAi А В IAIB АВ O 11


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