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Describe the process we use to infer the phylogenetic relationships
of a set of living organisms.

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Step 1

It is a universally accepted theory that all the living organisms belonging to various phylums are descendents of a common ancestor and are diverisified from it through various processes.

Step 2

Phylogeny is a defined as the evolutionary history of a given species on the basis of its descent and its relation with the other organisms. It is the basis of taxonomy

The process that is used to infer the phylogenetic relationships among different organisms is the phylogenetic tree.

This tree is based on the evolutionary history and proportion of resemblences  between different groups and that from the common ancestor.

Step 3

These trees are created by combining different embyrological, palentological, biochemical evidences of evolution and further quantified on the basis of numerical analysis of phenotypes of different species and then their differences from common ancestor.

More a species has characters in comm...

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