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Describe the steps involved in business process re-engineering and how they are closely linked to ERP implementation.


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Step 1

Business Process Re-engineering sometimes BPR refers to the business management strategy. This technique came into existence in 1990, mainly focuses on business process techniques within a company. BPR helps an organization to analyze how they utilize the resources and will map the strategies and policies to improve the product’s quality, customer service, reduce the operational cost.

The steps involved in the BPR or Business Process Re-engineering are as follow.

  • Define business process

This step plays an important role in the BPR system and maps the existing work, activities, roles and reporting relationships, and business rules.


  • Analyze business process

Another important step of the BPR is analyzing the business process. This helps in identifying the root cause of the issues and identifying gaps with respect to improving the organizational day-to-day functions, operational efficiency, and organizational objectives.


  • Analyze improvement opportunity

Identifying and validating o...

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