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Describe the three measures of variability; the range, variance, and standard deviation.  Explain the impact of outliers on measures of variability.


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Step 1

In statistics, there are four measure of variability of distribution that measures the spread in the data set.

The four measure of variability as given below:

  1. Range
  2. Inter-quartile range
  3. Variance
  4. Standard deviation
Step 2

Range: range is the difference between highest value and lowest value in the data set.

Variance :Population variance is the measure of variability of the data that is how far away our data points from the average value.

Population variance can be calculated as below:


Image Transcriptionclose

- Σ-η whereas aPopulation vari ance N Sample size. u Populati on mean

Step 3

Standard deviation:  it is the square root of variance of the data set that is square root of average squared distan...


Image Transcriptionclose

Σ&-Η. whereas Standard deviation N Sample size u Population mean


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