Asked Feb 5, 2020

Describe the two principles of evolution that Charles Darwin proposed:

1) Common Descent with Modification and

2) Natural Selection.

Give examples of each


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Step 1

Evolution is defined as any change in the characteristics of a biological population that is inherited over generations. The idea behind the concept of evolution is that the species evolve or change with time depending on various internal and external factors.

Step 2

Charles Darwin was a naturalist who studied the changes in species of different population and developed some theories to explain the different trend and factors affecting evolution. In 1859, he published some postulates in ‘On The Origin of Species’.

Step 3

1. Common Descent with modification explains that different species have descended from a common ancestor after they have acquired some heritable changes that make them different from another species.

An example of this includes the finches of Galàpagos ...

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