Describe what is meant by a reduction formula. Give an example.

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Q: Graph y = 3x and x = 3y in the same rectangular coordinate system.

A:   Graph y = 3x and x = 3y in the same rectangular coordinate system.    

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A: Calculate the average speed as below. Average speed=26.2m2.2h=11.909 mph

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A: Direction Derivative:Direction derivative is a rate of change of any function at a given point.It is...

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A: By the product rule of derivative and divison rule of derivative 

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A: Given: fx,y,z=x10 sin3y+10z To determine: fzz

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A: Given: y=limx→π2-sinxtanx for evaluating given limit, we take log both side then simplify it so, lny...

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A: The given vectors are: u=2i - 5j, v=-3i+7j and w=-i- 6j If a=x1i+y1j and b=x2i+y2j are two vectors, ...