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Describe when a study does or does not have external validity 



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Step 1

The indication of stability and reliability of the conclusions drawn from a research is called validity.  It depends on the structure, data collection methods of the research conducted.


Step 2

External Validity


The extent to which the results drawn from a research study can be applied to other different studies is called external validity.


Step 3

A study can be valid externally in the following cases-

  • When the study is valid internally. If the research itself has many flaws and errors like wrong data collection, incorrect method of survey, etc., then the research is not valid internally. As, if the conclusions drawn from the research fail to satisfy the purpose of the study itself, then the conclusions drawn cannot be applied to external studies. Thus a study is valid externally if it is valid internally as well.
  • When the results drawn from a specific population are applicable to other population as well. For example- If a resea...

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