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Determine the amount of heat (in kJ) given off when 2.48×104g of NO2 is produced according to the following equation:
2 NO(g) + O2(g)→2NO2(g)

ΔH = −114.6 kJ/mol

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Step 1

Thermodynamic is the branch of chemistry that mainly deals with the heat transfer between system and surroundings. Here system is the substance for which the heat content is studied and remaining part of universe is consider as the surroundings.

Step 2

Calculate moles of NO2:

Mass of NO2 produced = 2.48×104g

Molar mass of NO2 = 46 g/mol


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1 mole - 5.39x10moles 2.48x10g 46 g

Step 3

For the given balance equation; 2 moles of NO2 formed by ΔH = −114.6 kJ/mol


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-114.6 kJ 5.39x102 moles NO2 3.09x10 kJ 2 moles NO2


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