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Determine the area, in square units, of the region bounded above by g(x)=−8x+3 and below by f(x)=−7x+16 over the interval [−31,−26]. Do not include any units in your answer.


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Step 1

Given g(x)=−8x+3 and f(x)=−7x+16 

And the curve g(x) is bounded above and f(x)=−7x+16 is bounded below over the interval [−31,−26]

Step 2

Therefore, the ...


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-26 -26 -8x +3-(-7x +16) dr = | —х -13dx -31 -31 =-ná-"Bát c-26 -26 =- xdx – 13dx J-31 J-31 -26 -[13x -26 -31 285 - 65 2 155 2 ||


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