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Determine the median and the first and third quartiles in the following data.


46 47 49 49 51 53 54 54 55 55 59

Expert Answer

Step 1


Median is the middle most value of all the observations.

The median for the given data can be obtained by entering the formula “=MEDIAN(A1:A11)” in EXCEL software.

The EXCEL output is shown below:


Image Transcriptionclose

MEDIAN(A1:A11) B1 A B F 46 1 53 2 47 3 49 4 49 5 51 6 53 7 54 8 54 9 55 10 55 11 59 LL ш LC OC

Step 2

Thus, the median for the data is 53.


Quartiles are the values those divides the data into four equal parts.

The first quartile for the given data can be obtained by entering the formula “=QUARTILE....


Image Transcriptionclose

-QUARTILE.EXC(A1:A11, 1) fo B1 A B E 49 1 46 2 47 3 49 49 51 6 53 7 54 8 54 55 10 55 11 59 st LC


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