Asked Oct 21, 2019

Determine two or more ordered pairs for each relation. THe rise is 2, the run is 3; (2,5) lies on the line. 


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Step 1

It is given that, the rise is 2, the run is 3 and point (2, 5) lies on the line.

Obtain the slope as follows:


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rise m run 2 3 Thus, the slope is m = 2/3 Note that, slope point formula is y = mx +c where m is slope

Step 2

Obtain the value of c a...


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Substitute 2/3 for m and (2, 5) for (x, y) in y = mx + c 512)c c 5 11 c 11 Thus, the line equation is y = -x+ 3 2


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