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Determine whether aqueous solutions of the following salts are acidic, basic, or neutral:

(a) Al(NO3)3

(b) RbI

(c) KHCO2

(d) CH3NH3Br


Expert Answer

Step 1

A solution will be acidic, basic or neutral can be predicted qualitatively.

If the salt is the combination of strong acid and strong base then the solution is neutral in nature.

If the salt is the combination of weak acid and strong base then the solution is basic in nature.

If the salt is the combination of strong acid and weak base then the solution is acidic in nature.

Step 2

Al(NO3)3 is the combination of weak base (Al(OH3)3) and strong acid (HNO3). Thus, the solution is acidic in nature.

Step 3

RbI is the combination of strong acid (HI) and strong base (RbOH)....

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