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Determine which of the following contains the greatest mass of aluminum: 122g of AlPO4, 266g of Al2Cl6, or 225g of Al2S3.


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Step 1

We have to calculate mass of aluminium in 122g of AlPO4, 266g of Al2Cl6, and 225g of Al2S3 and then have to report which one has greatest mass of aluminium.

Step 2

Calculate the mass of Aluminium in 122g of AlPO4-

Molar mass of AlPO4 = 121.95 g/mol

As per the chemical formula, 1 mole of AlPO4 has 1 mole Al i.e. 26.98 grams. It means 121.95 grams of AlPO4 contains 26.98 grams of Aluminium.


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121.95 grams of AIPO^contains = 26.98 grams of Aluminium 122 grams of AIPO contains = 122 grams of AIPO 121.95 grams of AIPO 26.98 grams of Aluminium x = 26.99 grams

Step 3

Calculate the mass of Aluminium in 266g of Al2Cl6-

Molar mass of Al2Cl6 = 266.68 g/mol

As per the chemical formula, 1 mole of Al2Cl6 has 2 moles Al i.e. (2×26.98 ...


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266.68 grams of Al,Clcontains = 53.96 grams of Aluminium 266 grams of Al,Clgcontains = 266 grams of Al,Cl 266.68 grams of Al,Cle 53.96 grams of Aluminium x = 53.82 grams


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