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diffrentiate between antiseptics and disinfectants.


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Drugs are the groups that are responsible for the inhibition of growth and the dea...

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Q: why transition elements are able to form interestitial compounds ?

A: d-block elements are called transition metals.


Q: When orange solution containing Cr2O72–ion is treated with an alkali, a yellow solution is formed an...

A: Given,Orange solution containing Cr2O72–ion is treated with an alkali, a yellow solution is formed a...


Q: 5.19 Identify the reducing agent in the chemical reaction 5 Fe2+(aq) + MnO4-(aq) + 8H+(aq) → 5Fe3+(a...

A: Reducing agent:A compound that loses or donates an electron to another chemical species in a redox r...


Q: A house is designed to have passive solar energy features, brickwork incorporated into the interior ...

A: Gallons of water have to be converted to litre:


Q: diffrence between roasting and calcination.

A: Roasting:The process in which the ore is heated below its melting point in presence of air to oxidiz...


Q: Why is aniline soluble in aqueous HCl?

A: The solubility of a compound depends on their polar or non-polar nature. It follows a simple rule “l...


Q: Like alcohols, ethers undergo a cleavage by breaking a carbon–carbon bond between an alkyl group and...

A: Click to see the answer


Q: What three alkenes (excluding stereoisomers) can be used to prepare 3-chloro-3-methylhexane by addit...

A: By adding HCl, these are the three alkenes were used to prepare 3-chloro-3-methylhexane.


Q: In what respect do prontosil and salvarsan resemble. Is there any resemblance between azo dye and pr...

A: Structure of Prontosil and Salvarsan are given as,