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Dimensional AnalysisConvert 2.68 miles per hours to meters per minute.


Dimensional Analysis

Convert 2.68 miles per hours to meters per minute.

Step 1

Use a series of conversion factors to convert 2.68 miles per hour to meters per minute.

first, convert miles to meters:

it is known that,

1 mile=5280 feet

1 ...

=1mitex 5280 feef 12 inch 2.54cm
linch 100 c
1mile 1609.34meters
2.68mile 2.68x1609.34meters
1 hr 60 min

Image Transcriptionclose

=1mitex 5280 feef 12 inch 2.54cm 1mie lfeef linch 100 c =1609.34meter 1mile 1609.34meters 2.68mile 2.68x1609.34meters -4313.03meter 1 hr 60 min


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Dimensional Analysis

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