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Discuss "crowdsourcing" and how the use of social networks, podcasts, wikis, and blogs have been helpful to companies inviting customer support. This is a business administration assignment not management. 


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  • Crowdsourcing is the process of obtaining work, information, and opinions from a large group of people over the internet. This information is collected with the help of social media platforms, blogs, wikis and so on.
  • Sometimes, people work as paid freelancers for crowdsourcing while some people work on small tasks on their own interest. The increase in global connectivity in recent years is helping to crowdsource even more than before.
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Impact of social networks on companies for inviting customer support:

  • The use of social networks, podcasts, wikis, blogs is better because users are able to receive knowledge from the people in respective fields rather than just reading it from the internet. Companies often put out advertisements or “shout-outs” in these types of social media to know the general response from the customers. This will help them to get an idea of how they are going to design their product or provide a service.
  • Social media like wikis allows anyone to post any content and also allows others to correct it if the content posted by others can be improved. Companies are able to get the requirements of customers from all across the globe and also from different age groups. It is not necessary to go door-to-door to know what the customer thinks and feels about certain products or services.
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For instance, a five-star restaurant allows its customers to post their feedback on their official social media pages regarding the quality of service and so on. The growth of the internet has certainly brought customers and firms...

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