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Discuss how a development in a corporation’s natural and societal environments can affect the corporation through its task environment.


Discuss how a development in a corporation’s natural and societal environments can affect the corporation through its task environment.

Step 1

The way the development in a natural and societal environment affect the corporation through task environment:

According to Person X, the societal and natural environment of the corporation would not affect or influence them directly but would have affect it through task environment. Natural environment include the climate of the place in which the organization is situated and the physical resources of the firm.

Economic forces, legal forces, socio-cultural forces, and economic forces are said to be the social system that are included in the societal environments.

Step 2

Impact on organization through task environment:

Task environment is the environment which would affect the firm from achieving the objectives. Task environment would be affected by the stakeholders that include creditors, customers, government, competitors, trade associa...

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