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DNA is approximately 2.5 mn If an average man is 5ft 10in tall, how many molecules could be stacked to extend from the groud to the top of the head of an avergage man ?


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Step 1

According to the question, to find the number of the DNA molecules, change the given measurements in the same unit.

In the question, lengths are given in different units so first convert them in the same unit of length.Convert all the units in the meter for simplicity.

Step 2

The length of the DNA molecule is 2.5nm.

As it is known that 1 nm is equal to 10-9m.

Therefore, 2.5 nm of DNA molecule is equal to


Image Transcriptionclose

Length of the DNA molecule=(2.5nm1x10-9m Inm -2.5x10m

Step 3

Now convert height of the person into meter from given units  by using the data given below


1 foot is equal to 12 inch

1 inch is equa...


Image Transcriptionclose

2.54cm 1x10-2m Height of the person = (5ft10in 12in 1ft in cm =1.778 m


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