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Do a small research about Benford’s law. Explain what it is and how it can be used in data science. Keep that in mind that I am not asking to prove Benford’s law. All you need is to explain the law and talk about its application in data science.


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Benford’s law is also known as the law of anomalous numbers or the first-digit law. Simon Newcomb is thought to have been the first to discover the phenomenon that is now known as Benford’s law.

Newcomb proposed a law that the probability of a single number N being the first digit of a number was equal to log(d+1) – log(d).

Step 2

Frank Benford is an American physicist who revisited the phenomenon in 1938 which he called the “Law of Anomalous Numbers” in a survey with more than 20,000 observations of empirical data compiled from various resources. All of the sources, to a greater or a lesser extent, followed such an exponentially diminishing distribution.

Hill was the one who gave a satisfactory explanation of this law in 1998.

Step 3

A set of numbers is said to satisfy Benford’s law if the leading ...


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P(d) log, (d+1)- log, (d) d 1 log 1 log| 1+


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