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does flying worsen decompression sickness? If so why?



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Decompression sickness is a condition in which dissolved gases eliminated out of solution into bubbles inside the body on depressurization. It is also known as divers’ disease or the bends. It commonly arises from the underwater dividing decompression.

Compressed diving leads to the increased absorption of inert gas, such as nitrogen in tissue during descent. On ascent or decompression, the inert gas is removed from the tissues. If a person diver ascends to the sea surface too fast, the inert gas is eliminated of solution and forms bubbles in the tissues and also in the bloodstream leads to the decompression sickness. Symptoms of these bubbles can vary from mild joint pain and rashes to severe neurological injury and even death.

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When a diver flies too soon after diving, the nitrogen gas to come out of solution and form bubbles due to the reduction in pressure.

To lessen the risk of decompression sickness while...

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