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Draw the Punnett square for a test cross between a plant that is heterozygous for two traits and aplant that is homozygous recessive at the same two traits. Write down the genotypic and phenotypic ratios.
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Step 1

In the given question a plant heterozygous for two traits AaBb is crossed with homozygous recessive (aabb) plant having the same traits. The genotypic and phenotypic ratios can be calculated using Punnett square.

Step 2

Two traits are given in the question, let the traits be A and B in dominant form and a, b in recessive form. A heterozygous plant (AaBb) is crossed with a homozygous recessive (aabb) plant.

The Punnett square can be drawn as follows:

АаBb | AаBb| АаBb | AаBb
Aabb Aabb AabbAabb
aabb aabb aabbaabb

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ab ab ab АаBb | AаBb| АаBb | AаBb АВ Aabb Aabb AabbAabb Ab aaBbaaBbaaBbaaBb ав aabb aabb aabbaabb ab ab

Step 3

A test cross involves breeding with a recessive individual, the test cross is used to find a heterozygous or homozygous individual in. The given cross involves two traits A and B, thus it is a dihybrid cross that yields 16 offspring (shown by the ...

АаBЬ - 4
Aabb - 4
aаBb - 4
aabb - 4

Image Transcriptionclose

АаBЬ - 4 Aabb - 4 aаBb - 4 aabb - 4


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