Asked Dec 22, 2019
  • Draw the structure for Pt (en) Cl2 and use it to answer the following.
  1. What is the coordination number for platinum in this complex?
  2. What is the coordination geometry?
  3. What is the oxidation state of the platinum?
  4. How many unpaired electrons are there?

Expert Answer

Step 1

The geometry and magnetic properties of the coordination complex can be determined by the valence bond theory. The complexes that have unpaired of the electrons then that complex will be paramagnetic complexes while the complex that have no unpaired electrons then that complex will be diamagnetic complex.

Step 2

The molecular formula of the coordination complex is shown below:


Image Transcriptionclose

Pt (en)Cl,

Step 3

The structure of the given coordinatio...


Image Transcriptionclose

Cl en Pt Cl en


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