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  •   Draw the two possible dipeptides formed by condensation reaction between histidine and aspartic acid.

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Step 1

The two possible dipeptides formed by condensation reaction between histidine and aspartic acid are to be drawn.

Step 2

A peptide in general is a chain of amino acids linked by peptide bonds, where a peptide bond (-CO-NH-) is formed when two amino acids undergo condensation.

Thus, a dipeptide is a chain of two amino acids linked by peptide bond.


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R, + H,N H,N- H,N- H. Peptide bond H,0

Step 3

Draw the structure of histidine and aspartic acid:

Now the two given amino...


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он NH 2 CH, но 2. CH но. NH2 Histidine (His) Aspartic Acid (Asp)


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