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During inhalation, the pressure in the lungs is slightly less than external pressure and the muscles controlling exhalation are relaxed. Under water, the body equalizes internal and external pressures. Discuss the condition of the muscles if a person under water is breathing through a snorkel. Would a snorkel work in deep water?


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The pressure inside and outside of living thing must be balanced otherwise it will not have life. When a person is at sea level, the pressure difference is balanced by his chest muscles during inhalation and exhalation. Similarly the muscle balances the force due to pressure difference, when he swims on the level surface of water using snorkel and it will not affective. However, he is in deep water he cannot use snorkel because the surrounding water on his body gives high external pressure due to which the explanation of chest cavity is difficult, thus, people using oxygen cylinders in deep water instead of snorkel. Conclusion: Therefore, the snorkel will not work in deep water.


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