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During what era and period did the first vascular plants,such as ferns, appear?


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The term plants refer to the group embryophyte which includes bryophytes and higher vascular plants. Plant evolution is an aspect of the study of biological evolution.  The timeline displays a graphical representation of the eras and the life-forms which originated at that era.

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The ecological time is divided into

  • 1. Earliest plants
  • 2. Palaeozoic flora
    • 2.1 Cambrian flora – the primitive plants were small, unicellular or filamentous, with simple branching.
    • 2.2 Ordovician flora - The first terrestrial plants, and presence of spores where first found on the fossils belonging to this era.
    • 2.3 Silurian flora - The first fossilized records of vascular plants, that is, land plants with vascular tissues, appeared in the Silurian period. The earliest known member of this group (mostly from the northern hemisphere) are placed in the genus Cooksonia
    • 2.4 Devonian flora – colonization of land plants. Ferns started appearing.
    • 2.5 C...

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