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More than one analyzer can be used in a setup like that in the following figure, each analyzer following the previous one. Suppose that the transmission axis of the first analyzer is rotated 26° relative to the transmission axis of the polarizer, and that the transmission axis of each additional analyzer is rotated 26° relative to the transmission axis of the previous one. What is the MINIMUM number of analyzers needed, so the light reaching the photocell has an intensity that is REDUCED to AT LEAST one hundredth relative to that striking the first analyzer?

E cos
E cos

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E cos Polarizer Analyzer Photocell Unpolarized light 90 E cos


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Step 1

Using Malus’s law of polarization we can find the intensity of light after passing through the first analyzer

I1 = Io cos2(26o)

The intensity after second analyzer

I2 = I1 cos2(26o)

I2 = I0 cos4(26o)

Let us say we need N analyze...


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Iv I cos2 (26°) cos 2 (26) 1 cos2 (26) 100 0.01 0.89882 log(0.01) 2Nlog(0.8988) N 22


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