Elements with ________ first ionization energies and ________ electron affinities generally form anions. Group of answer choicesa) low, positive or slightly negativeb) high, positive or slightly negativec) high, very positived) low, very positivee) None of these is generally correct.

Asked Nov 7, 2019

Elements with ________ first ionization energies and ________ electron affinities generally form anions

Group of answer choices
a) low, positive or slightly negative
b) high, positive or slightly negative
c) high, very positive
d) low, very positive
e) None of these is generally correct.
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Step 1

Anions are formed by gaining of electrons.

They won`t loss electrons easily, so to remove electron very high energy is required. So, they high ionisation energy.

They readily gain electrons, due to gaining of electron large amount energy is released. So, ...

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