Eliminate the parameter t from the parametric equations x = 3 cos t, y = 5 sin t and then sketch the graph of the plane curve.

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Q: 4) Find x if the point (x, -6) is on the terminal side of θ and sin ? = − 3/5

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A: Known fact: The norm of vector u=a,b is defined as u=a2+b2.  

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Q: Which of the following is not in the domain of tan(x)? Select all correct answers.

A: tan-5π2 and tan-3π2 are undefined.

Q: Find sin θ and cot θ if the terminal side of θ lies along the line y = -3x in quadrant 4.

A: Terminal side of θ lies along the line y = -3x in quadrant 4.

Q: find the amplitude,period, phase shift and vertical shift:y=sin(2x+Pi/2)+1

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A: tan8°=cot _

Q: Identify the horizontal translation for the graph of y =1 +4 cos ( 3x +pi/2)     -pi/6

A: The given function is y=1+4cos3x+π2

Q: Solve part 1 2 4 and 5 plz

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Q: Find the amplitude, period, phase shift and vertical shift: y= -2sin(2x-3pi/2)-2

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Q: (sinx/ 1-cosx)=cscx + cotx   verify the identity

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A: Given arc length (s) = 1.4mm radius of circle (r) = 14mm

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A: Evaluate: sin-3π4

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A: Given:sint=xx+1

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A: (b) We have to find angle of sin-10. Let θ=sin-10 ⇒sinθ=0 We know that sinx has its value 0 at x=nπ,...

Q: Prove

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Q: 5x-129°=2x-21°3x

A: The given figure contains two vertically opposite angles 5x-129° and 2x-21°. It is known that any tw...

Q: Write each of the following in terms of sin theta only .   cot theta

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Q: To approximate the length of a marsh, a surveyor walks x = 350 meters from point A to point B, then ...

A: The given information can be diagrammatically represented as shown below:

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A: Given, The expression is -16p3q2+24p2q3-32p4q

Q: Trigonometry Question

A: 2×2 multiplication using the box method. For a+ba+b   Solve the expression using the box method, ...

Q: For points (x, y ) in quadrant I, the ratio x /y is always positive because x and y are always posit...

A: we know that for points x,y in quadrant 2, the ratio xy is always negative because x is always negat...

Q: 4) Perform the indicated operation and express 18x³y5+36x³y+-6x²y2 -6x2y2 answer in simplest form:

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