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Enter a name for Al(ClO2)3


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Enter a name for Al (ClO2...

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Q: Calculate the solubility (in M) of cobalt(II) hydroxide, Co(OH)2(s) in H2O. Ksp = 2.80×10-16 at a sp...

A: The dissociation of cobalt hydroxide can be depicted by the following chemical equation-


Q: (b) What is Ka of the 2-hydroxyethylammonium ion, HOCH2CH2NH3+ (pKb of HOCH2CH2CH2NH2 = 4.49)?

A: (b) The pKb for HOCH2CH2NH2 is given to be 4.49. The Kb can be calculated as follows:


Q: Draw the products of the following acid–base reactions: a. CH3N+H3 + H2O b. HBr+CH3OH c. CH3N+H3 + H...

A: In an acid – base reaction, acid donates H+ ion and base accepts that H+ ion.


Q: Express the pH of the solution to three decimal places. 0.300 g of HClO3 in 2.9 L of solution

A: The pH of the given solution is to be determined to three decimal places- 0.300 g of HClO3 in 2.9 L ...


Q: a small block of a metal with a mass of 223.1g when submerged in a beaker containing water, the wate...

A: Mass of metal = 223.1 g Density of metal = 7.41 g/cm3 = 7.41 g/mL


Q: What is the systematic name of this compound? CH3 CH, — СH,—ҫ—CH, CH2 CH3 (a) 3-ethyl-3-methylbutane...

A: The structure for the given compound is shown below. In the given compound, longest chain has five c...


Q: In the reaction, CH 4 (g) + 2O2 (g) →CO2 (g) + 2H2O (l)  a) How many milligrams pf CH4 react with 24...

A: The given reaction is : Molar mass of CH4 = 16.04 g/mol    Molar mass of O2 = 32 g/mol  Molar mass ...


Q: Draw the Molecular Orbital diagram for CN-. Indicate HOMO,LUMO and their character. What is the anti...

A: Molecular orbital theory is a method that shows that how atomic orbitals combine with other or with ...


Q: The reaction of Cr2O3 with silicon metal at high temperatures will make chromium metal. 2Cr2O3(s)+3S...

A: Given: Mass of Cr2O3 = 82.00 g Mass of Si = 173.00 g Molar mass of Cr2O3 = 152.0 g/mol Molar mass of...