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What is the pH of 275.0 mL of an aqueous solution containing 0.753 g of HCl?

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The pH of a solution is used to specify the solution is acidic or basic in nature. The pH is a logarithmic and inversely proportional to concentration of hydrogen ion in the solution. At 25 oC  if the pH of the solution is less than 7 ,  then the  solution said to be  acidic in nature and if it is greater than 7 , then the solution is said to be basic  in nature.  If it is equal to 7, then the solution is said to be neutral.


275.0 mL of an aqueous solution containing 0.753 g of HCl.

Therefore,  moles of the HCl:

Moles of the HCl = 0.753/36.45

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Moles of the HCl = 0.753/36.45 0.0207

Step 2

Concentration of the solution can be calculated as :

Concentration of the solution
(moles of HCl Volume of solution)x1000
= 0.0753M

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Concentration of the solution (moles of HCl Volume of solution)x1000 (0.0207/275)1000 = 0.0753M

Step 3

As the HCl is completely is io...

H 0.0753M
log [H
-log [0.753]
= 1.12

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H 0.0753M log [H -log [0.753] = 1.12 pH


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