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Environmental Engineering:

A lake with a constant volume of 10*106 m3 is fed by a pollution-free stream with a flow rate of 50m3/s. A factory dumps 5m3/s of a nonconservative waste with a concentration of 100mg/L into the lake. The pollutant has a reaction coefficient rate, k, of 0.25/day. Assuming the pollutant is well mixed in the lake, find the steady state concentration of the pollutant in the lake. 


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Determine the steady concentration o...


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Combine input rate and output rate Q.C +Q,C ( +Q)CL+kVCL (50m3/s+5.0m3/s [(50 m2/sx0) X 3 1 day 0.25/day x 10 x 106 day 5.0m3/sx 100mg/L CL 86,400s +(500m2/sxmg/L)-(55m'/s)CL+(28.9m2/s)CL 500m3/sxmg/L CL = 83.9m3/s CL 5.96mg/L


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