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Escherichia coli and other bacteria methylate adenines on the original strand to distinguish the original strand from the newly replicated strand of DNA. Why is this distinction important?


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When growing a cell divide, they need to copy their genetic material and distribute it to ensure that each daughter cell gets one copy. During DNA replication, the organization of the chromosomes is even more demanding, since replication fork continuously produce new DNA. This DNA contains all the information required to build the cells and tissues of a prokaryotic or a eukaryotic organism.

The replication of this information in any species assures its genetic continuity from generation to generation and is critical to the normal development of individuals.

Step 2

Methylation is important for strand discrimination during repair of replication errors, controlling the frequency of initiation of chromosome replication at ori C and regulation of transcription initiation at promoters containing GATC sequences. In certa...

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