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Essays are to be around 50 words each. Each essay needs to include a reaction that relates to what you wrote in the essay. For redox processes, half reactions and the full reaction are expected


  1. Corrosion of iron

  2. Electrolysis of Molten Sodium Chloride.
  3. Electrolytic Deposition of Metals (Electroplating).

  4. Sacrificial anodes (Cathodic Protection)



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Step 1

The metals react with the environment results in the chemical or electrochemical degradation of metal and this process is known as corrosion. The corrosion of iron also known as rusting. It is an oxidation-reduction process. When iron object left out in open, most air than it exposed to oxygen and water and rusting of iron take place. In this process iron is oxidized to iron (II) ion and oxygen is reduced to OH- ion. The half reaction is shown as follows:


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Oxidation half-reaction: Fe (s)- Fe2*+2e Reduction half-reaction: O, (g)+2H,0(1)+4e" -»4OH" (aq)

Step 2

Combining the half –reaction gives the balanced overall reaction in which for every oxygen molecule two iron atoms is oxidized. The reactions  is shown as follows:


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2Fe(s)+O2(g)+2H,0()->2Fe2 (aq)+4OH* (aq)

Step 3

The process of separating a compound by passing an electric current is known as electrolysis. Chemical reaction at the electrode occurs results in the separa...


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Oxidation half-reaction: 2Cl ()->Cl, (g)+2e Reduction half-reaction: 2Na (aq)+2e" -»2N2 (s)


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