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Establish the relation between dB and dBm while measuring the power of an antenna.


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The dBm is a logarithmic unit of power and it stands for power in decibels when the reference power is one milliwatt. If PT is the power transmitted by an antenna in watts (W), then the power transmitted by the antenna in dBm can be obtained using the following relation:

The dB is a logarithmic unit of power and it stands for decibels. If PT is the power transmitted by an antenna in watts (W), then the power transmitted by the antenna in dB can be obtained using the following relation:


Step 2

Now, if P is the amount of power to be converted into dBm or dB, then using equation (1) and (2), the following relation can be written:

The meaning of equation (3) is that if the power in a certain experiment is given as 6 dBm, the value of the corresponding power in dB will be 6-30=-24 dB.


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