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If Fx) xf(xf(x))), where f(1) - 2, f(2) 3, f '(1) 3, f '(2) 4, and f (3) 5, find F (1).
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ET If Fx) xf(xf(x))), where f(1) - 2, f(2) 3, f '(1) 3, f '(2) 4, and f (3) 5, find F (1). Need Heln? Read It to a


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Step 1

The given function is F(x) = f ( x f (x f (x))).


Differentiate the function F(x) = f ( x f (x f (x)) with respect to x.


Let us assume u = x f (x f (x) ) then F(x) = f (u).

Step 2

Obtain the value of u (x) = x f (x f (x) ).

Step 3

Use the initial conditions to find the...


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