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Evaluate cloud computing in relation to each of these four (4) criteria





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Evaluating cloud computing in relation to the following four criteria’s:

  • Dependable

Dependability in cloud computing refers to the capability of delivering a functionality that can be trustworthy. High availability of data in cloud computing services is imperative for keeping customer assurance. Since the software and hardware components of cloud infrastructures may have limited reliability, fault tolerance mechanisms are the means of attaining the essential dependability requirements. Dependability includes procedures like reliability, availability, and safety. Due to the global facility of services on the Internet and on cloud systems, dependability has become an attribute of prime concern in hardware/software development, deployment, and operation. There are several models which may be used for evaluation of dependability, these are reliability block diagrams (RBD), fault trees (FT), stochastic Petri nets (SPN) and Markov chains have been used to model fault-tolerant systems and to evaluate various dependability measures.

  • Manageable

Out of the several ways by which one can establish a computing network, the cloud model offers the extreme level of manageability. Through cloud one can get to know about “who is eligible to access what” and “how frequently the information can be retrieved”. Not only this but it can also determine the number of times a specific information which can be retrieved. And because cloud computing resources are provisioned in one central location, they are enormously easy to service and manage. Unlike grid systems which require annual hardware upgrades just to stay in business, cloud networks can simply incorporate and aggregate additional hardware so that the initial integrity of the system isn't compromised in any way. So, if one needs to have more resources, it can be eas...

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