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What is the molarity of a solution made when 66.2 g of C6H12O6 are dissolved to make 235 mL of solution?

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EXERCISE 13.6.1 What is the molarity of a solution made when 66.2 g of C6H12O6 are dissolved to make 235 mL of solution?


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Step 1

The molarity of a solution is the ratio of number of moles of a substance to the volume of solution in liters. The expression for molarity is labelled in equation (1) in which M is the molarity, n is the number of moles of solute and  V is the volume in liters.

The number of moles of a substance is the ratio of its given mass by molar mass of the substance. It is expressed in equation (2) in which n is the number of moles, m is the given mass and M is the molar mass.

The relation between millilitres (mL) and liters (L) is written below:

1 mL= 0.001 L    …… (3)

. (2)

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n М- (1) V(L) . (2) М

Step 2

The molar mass of C6H12O6 is 180.156 g/mol. Use equation (2) to determine the number of moles of C6H12O6.

66.2 g
180.156 g/mol
=0.367 mol

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66.2 g n= 180.156 g/mol =0.367 mol

Step 3

Use equation (3) to convert 235 mL into liters.

235 mL = 0.235 L


The molar...

0.367 mol
0.235 L
=1.56 M

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0.367 mol М- 0.235 L =1.56 M


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