Exercise 5-13Below is a series of cost of goods sold sections for companies B, M, O, and S.Fill in the lettered blanks to complete the cost of goods sold sections.  B  M  O  S Beginning inventory $ 305    $ 146    $ 854    $enter a dollar amount (j)Purchases 1,830    1,318    enter a dollar amount (g) 53,180   Purchase returns and allowances 98    enter a dollar amount (d) 354    enter a dollar amount (k)Net purchases enter a dollar amount (a) 1,269    9,040    51,594   Freight-in 159    enter a dollar amount (e) enter a dollar amount (h) 2,733   Cost of goods purchased enter a dollar amount (b) 1,501    9,821    enter a dollar amount (l)Cost of goods available for sale 2,196    1,647    enter a dollar amount (i) 60,427   Ending inventory 378    enter a dollar amount (f) 1,403    7,601   Cost of goods sold enter a dollar amount (c) 1,501    9,272    52,826     Click if you would like to Show Work for this question:Open Show Work

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Exercise 5-13

Below is a series of cost of goods sold sections for companies B, M, O, and S.

Fill in the lettered blanks to complete the cost of goods sold sections.

Beginning inventory
  $ 305       $ 146       $ 854       $enter a dollar amount
  1,830       1,318       enter a dollar amount
(g)   53,180    
Purchase returns and allowances
  98       enter a dollar amount
(d)   354       enter a dollar amount
Net purchases
  enter a dollar amount
(a)   1,269       9,040       51,594    
  159       enter a dollar amount
(e)   enter a dollar amount
(h)   2,733    
Cost of goods purchased
  enter a dollar amount
(b)   1,501       9,821       enter a dollar amount
Cost of goods available for sale
  2,196       1,647       enter a dollar amount
(i)   60,427    
Ending inventory
  378       enter a dollar amount
(f)   1,403       7,601    
Cost of goods sold
  enter a dollar amount
(c)   1,501       9,272       52,826    


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Step 1

Cost of goods sold: Cost of goods sold is the total of all the expenses incurred by a company to sell the goods during the given period.

Step 2

Compute the missing figures (a), (b), and (c) for Company B.

Step 3

Compute the missing figures (d), (...


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