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Determine the order of the decomposition reaction of N2O5, by using the initial rate data from the given table:

Initial Rate (M/s)
[N205(g)] (M)

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Experiment Initial Rate (M/s) [N205(g)] (M) 0.200 0.0250 0.400 0.400


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Step 1

Chemical kinetics is the branch of chemistry that mainly deals with the rate of reaction and change in the concentration of reactant and product molecules with time.

Step 2

The rate of reaction expresses by the rate law which states that the rate of reaction is directly proportional to the active concentration of reactant molecules.

Step 3


[N2O5]  = 0.200 M then Rate = 0.0250 M/sec

[N2O5]  = 0.400 M then Rate = 0.400 M/sec


Chemistry homework question answer, step 3, image 1


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